Gardening Companies

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Toby Maher-Eco Friendly Gardener

an Eco Friendly,Organic Garden service in the Sheffield area. Working to Organic standards and using traditional gardening to techniques to maintain gardens ... more »

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  • environmentally friendly gardening –
  • garden design
Karen platt books

Karen Platt, author and publisher of gardening books.... more »

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  • Habitat Green Design –
  • Landscape Eco Designs

The Natural Gardener

with ‘ Nature’s Natural Cycle’ So naturally waste free. All of our sustainably and organically grown gardening products will give wonderful results, then they return ... more »

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  • organic gardening –
  • composting
Garden Centres

information you need, like addresses and contact details for your local Garden Center. The Garden Centers listed sell gardening equipment, garden furniture, garden ... more »

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  • Garden Tools
Green Spirit Hydroponics

 A hydroponics company providing gardening equipment such as grow lights, tents and hydroponics lighting to aid growth. We sell quality growing systems including ... more »

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  • indoor gardening –
  • eco gardening
Green's Horticulture

Organic growing equipment, gardening tools - Green's Horticulture specializes in the supply of innovative organic products from across Europe and beyond.... more »

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  • Grow Lights –
  • Hydroponics

you looking for seeds or eco-friendly gardening products? Here at SimplyGro we are passionate about caring for the environment and growing from seed.  Our ... more »

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  • environmentally friendly gardening –
  • organic garden products
Gardeners' Box

Gardeners' Box lists gardening websites that support sustainable, organic, environmentally friendly gardening services and products... more »

  • Home & Garden
Garden Organic

aspects of organic growing. Garden Organic Yalding in Kent is a unique visitor experience, providing a tour through gardening history while demonstrating organic ... more »

  • green –
  • organic –
  • holistic
Wormery Store

The Wormery Store is a family run business based in South Gloucestershire. We sell a variety of wormeries and accessories for effective home composting. Products ... more »

  • eco friendly gardening –
  • organic gardening –
  • environmentally friendly gardening
Gardener's Gold

Natural Fertilizer, 100% Organic Wormcast Environmentally friendly and totally safe for children, pets and wildlife, wormcast is rising in popularity as being ... more »

  • eco friendly gardening –
  • organic gardening –
  • environmentally friendly gardening
Original Organics Ltd

Wormerys - Junior and Original size - Converting ordinary kitchen food waste into liquid feed and rich organic compost through the natural action of worms. Order ... more »

  • Worm Farm –
  • Worm Farming –
  • Eco Friendly Gardening
Greenvision Garden Design & Construction

Garden Design & Construction Cheshire, ManchesterGreenvision Garden Design & Construction are dedicated to providing a complete and professional garden ... more »

  • green design –
  • gardening –
  • garden designs
Rocket Gardens

Organically grows and distributes vegetable and herb seedlings throughout the UK An organic natural growing system enabling the customer to simply and instantly ... more »

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  • Organic Yard And Garden –
  • Sustainable Gardens

Compost all your kitchen waste, including cooked food and meat products, in just a few weeks.... more »

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  • green gardening –
  • eco friendly gardening
Comp Bio Products

Investing in the environment Welcome to Comp Bio Products Ltd, the home of Compi-Sax. Compi-Sax are the new alternative in 100% compostable, biodegradable and ... more »

  • eco friendly gardening –
  • organic gardening –
  • composting
Twig Of Tetbury

Twig - is a Su Daybell's magical gallery offering Su Trembath flower paintings, flowers for all occasions, topiary plants trees, handmade lampshades and beautiful ... more »

  • home garden –
  • gardening supplies –
  • garden suppliers

UK based GardenXtras - Garden accessories shop in West Sussex provides wide range of plant supports, garden furniture cushions and covers, hanging basket brackets, ... more »

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  • home garden –
  • garden furniture sustainable

Ecosac products include biodegradable and compostable kitchen utensils made from natural fibres and Mater-Bi™ cornstarch biopolymer.We also supply a range of biodegradable ... more »

  • eco friendly gardening –
  • organic gardening –
  • composting

The Winawood™ garden bench by Gardencentreshopping removes the need to hardwood in furniture, giving customers an eco-friendly alternative. They do not require ... more »

  • eco friendly gardening –
  • eco outdoor furniture –
  • eco gardening
My Greener Home

Clothes airers, laundry aids and drying racks from My Greener Home, the web's leading retailer of eco products for the home and garden.... more »

  • Eco Home –
  • green home –
  • Energy Saving Products
GreenScapes Design

GreenScapes provides design expertise for the creation of sustainable gardens. Specialising in the design of rainwater management systems and gardens with low water ... more »

  • organic –
  • green –
  • holistic
Bucket of Worms

North Devon supplier of worms for fishing and composting. Buy online, directly from the worm farm.... more »

  • recycling & waste –
  • Worm Farm –
  • Worm Farming
Hopes Grove Eco Friendly Hedges

Hedges, Hedging and hedge plants, Garden hedge nurseries. A complete range of hedges and hedge plants in all sizes. Nationwide delivery, guaranteed to grow.... more »

  • gardening
Sustainable Furniture UK

Sustainable Furniture UK is family owned which focuses on sourcing ethical products and professional customer advice at affordable prices. Sustainable Furniture ... more »

  • Sustainable Furniture –
  • Eco Furniture –
  • Furniture
Worm Composting Bins

Add your organic compostable waste to the worm bin and let the worms turn it into a nutrient rich compost. Commercial and industrial units supplied also. UK only ... more »

  • Recycling & Waste
Wildlife & Countryside Services

Almost anything on a wildlife, nature, countryside & garden theme.Wildlife gardening; plants, bulbs and seeds; wildlife consultancy; environmental education; countryside ... more »

  • Gardening
Green Woods Furniture

Green Woods Furniture produces organic mattresses, eco bed, and sustainable furniture. All are all hand crafted and made using only materials from reclaimed sources ... more »

  • Sustainable Furniture –
  • Eco Green Furniture –
  • Eco Friendly Furniture

we sell worms, wormeries and bokashi buckets and bran. worms for fishing and composting..................................... more »

  • Home & Garden
LTC Tree Surgery

There is always considerably more to tree surgery than an axe or a saw. LTC Tree Surgery understands trees, the way they grow and how to keep them in a healthy ... more »

  • home and garden –
  • home garden –
  • green gardens

Gardening Products

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Eco Friendly Garden Maintenance

mantainance service to organic standards in the Sheffield Area.Working to Organic standards and using traditional gardening techniques Toby can maintain gardens,grounds ... more »

  • Garden Maintaining –
  • Garden Management –
  • Eco Friendly Gardening
Kitchen Herbs in your own Backyard Kitchen Herbs in your own Backyard

planting your own Kitchen Herbs in your own Backyard? You can easily plant your own herbs with some of our Organic Gardening and Eco Friendly Gardening techniques ... more »

  • Green Gardening –
  • Organic Gardening –
  • Eco Friendly Gardening
Worms for your Compost Worms for your Compost

in the UK soils - all with different roles. For us in Worm City, we are eco professionals in the worm and the green gardening industry. We recognise the different ... more »

  • Eco –
  • Worms –
  • Home And Garden
Local Green Garden Local Green Garden

information, websites, ratings and even reviews from other visitors  Some of the garden centres listed sell gardening equipment and tools, eco outdoor furniture, ... more »

  • green –
  • gardening –
  • Organic Garden Products
Growing plants with Hydroponics Growing plants with Hydroponics

at Green’s Horticulture aims to encourage alternative and Eco Friendly Gardening techniques everyone interested the horticulture. Hydroponics is a new method ... more »

  • Certified Organic –
  • Organic Gardening –
  • Eco Friendly Gardening
Sustainable Gardening Expert Sustainable Gardening Expert

my name is Karen Platt and I am a Sustainable Gardening expert and photographer. I specialise in eco gardening books for all gardeners all around the world. I aim ... more »

  • Sustainable Gardening –
  • eco gardening –
  • green design
Green up your Gardens with Earthworms

been developing "Worm Colonies" because we know just how important they are when it comes it Eco Friendly Gardening. Earthworm colonies are environmentally ... more »

  • Eco Friendly Gardening –
  • Environmentally Friendly –
  • Worm
Organic Garden Plants and Seeds Organic Garden Plants and Seeds

Organic Garden Plants and Seeds. It is our firm belief that everyone can get growing and starting their own sustainable gardening in their backyards. That is everyone ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Plants –
  • Certified Organic
Alice Bowe Garden Chair Alice Bowe Garden Chair

do not required any protection in the form of stain and paints to make them great for outdoor use. Other useful Tips on Gardening Furniture Selection: High Quality ... more »

  • Recycled –
  • Eco –
  • Furniture
Flood and Drain - Basic System

new IWS flood and drain system for outdoor gardening at home is on sale now! Choose from many different sizes and what type of pot (Aqua, Culture or Punched) you ... more »

  • Home Garden
Sustainable Gardening Products Sustainable Gardening Products

and enthusiastic gardeners together.   It's the love for quality organic plants, all natural and sustainable gardening products and services that we feature ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Sustainable –
  • Holistic
The Book of Remembrance The Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance is located in the Gardening Hall, where it can be seen by all visitors. It’s not necessary to have someone buried at the park to take ... more »

  • Book –
  • Gardening
Green Vision Sustainable Garden Design Green Vision Sustainable Garden Design

Green Vision Sustainable Garden Design offers a full garden design service for both domestic and commercial clients. When designing a garden, their in-depth knowledge ... more »

  • Green Design –
  • Landscape Eco Designs –
  • Garden Designs
Winawood™ Garden Benches

The Winawood™ garden bench is the perfect eco-friendly outdoor furniture piece for your home. No need to chop down any more trees! The Winawood™ bench ... more »

  • Eco Outdoor Furniture –
  • Recycled Outdoor Furniture –
  • Eco Gardening
Green Cone Compost Bins Green Cone Compost Bins

At My Greener Home, we are big believers of the benefits of Composting and our favourite are our The Green Cone Compost bins range. Compost Bins work wonderfully. ... more »

  • Compost –
  • Eco Compost –
  • Eco Waste
GreenScapes Design Consultancy Service GreenScapes Design Consultancy Service

GreenScapes Design can give you a great advice on how to make your garden more sustainable. They can help you to manage your soil to make it more water-efficient, ... more »

  • Carbon –
  • Give –
  • Sustainable Gardens
Wildlife Garden Design and build

Wildlife garden design and build Wildlife Gardens with a variety of natural habitats. Rain Gardens with ponds ,gullies,streams and bog areas,perfect to absorb rain ... more »

  • Eco Landscaping –
  • Garden Design –
  • Eco Friendly Gardening

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