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We Are Promotional Products

We Are Promotional Products has a diverse range of printed and branded promotional merchandise. We continually strive to update and add new and on-trend products ... more »

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Natural Choices

Latest news on eco and ethical living and business in the United Kingdom. We are a daily updated website bring you the latest news on eco and ethical living and ... more »

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Natural Health Magazine

Natural Health Magazine home subscribe links contact us Complementary Therapies for your Mind, Body & Soul Natural Health is the UK's leading glossy on complementary ... more »

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Jo Moulds

Environmental marketing & PR and environmental promotional product sourcing Jo is a freelance journalist who writes on environmental products, businesses and ... more »

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EcoGreen Business Solutions

Green and Ethical Business Solutions. Sourcing environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products for your business. Complete project management service available, ... more »

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Permaculture Magazine

This leading environmental magazine gets to the heart of permaculture and sustainable living internationally. It features practical thought provoking articles ... more »

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At the heart of earth, art and spirit A magazine for people who care about the environment, love reading, enjoy new ideas and are looking for inspiration on sustainable ... more »

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We now have hundreds of books on our topics of interest, with more being added every week. Purchase online, or send a sterling cheque (don’t forget the postage). ... more »

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We're a communications agency with a difference. We only communicate what we think the world needs to hear. That might be social enterprise or sustainable business ... more »

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Your online bookshop for rare, used & new books and ebooks Ecology, environment, sustainable living and renewable energy OneToRemember is a family owned business ... more »

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The green lifestyle magazine for the whole family.... more »

    The Vegan Bookstore

    Books on veganism, vegetarians, parenting, breast-feeding, cooking, sacred sites, angels, spirituality, yoga and travel.... more »

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    Juno is a natural parenting magazine dedicated to supporting parents through the joys and challenges of parenting. Juno aims to enrich family life and relationships ... more »

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    Inspired Times

    Inspired Times is an uplifting publication which focuses on the positive stuff! There are so many inspiring people and projects in the world that don’t get the ... more »

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    Bitstocks Trading Limited

     Bitstocks Trading Limited is a global leader in online trading and investing, providing thousands of clients worldwide with access to forex, contracts for ... more »

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    BH1 Promotions

     Browse our wide selection of over 75,000 merchandise and corporate promotional products available from BH1 Promotions. All our branded items, even our eco ... more »

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    Quest for the Good Life

    A site dedicated to producing more of our own food, taking a critical look at the way the country and the supermarkets are creating un-sustainable methods of supply ... more »

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    True Affinity - natural and organic cosmetics just for you.... more »

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    Hopes Grove Eco Friendly Hedges

    Hedges, Hedging and hedge plants, Garden hedge nurseries. A complete range of hedges and hedge plants in all sizes. Nationwide delivery, guaranteed to grow.... more »

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    Green Telecom

    The simple alternative At Green Telecom we offer a complete Business Communications Package including phone lines and telephone systems. Green Telecom are committed ... more »

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    Green Shopping is a UK retailer of ecological books, tools and products to buy both online and via mail order catalogue. The books cover a wide range of subjects ... more »

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    The Natural Shop

    One-stop online shop of organic, natural, eco-friendly products for the home and body. Toiletries, cosmetics, skincare products, and items for wellbeing, babies, ... more »

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    The Phone Co-op

    The Phone Co-op supplies calls, line rental and broadband services to home users and businesses alike and is the UK's fastest growing consumer co-operative. It ... more »

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    Environment jobs

    Looking for an environment job, careers or recruitment into the environment sectors. Such environment jobs may be in one of several sectors such as ecology, conservation, ... more »

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    Going Organic - Hertfordshire's Organic Box Delivery Scheme... more »

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    Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Solutions JUDGENERGY is a London-based company that provides sustainable solutions to both the retail and commercial ... more »

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    • green gifts is a product search, price comparison and review site for eco/organic/sustainable products. Listing over 16000 products from UK online retailers, ... more »

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    Eco Polar

    Eco Polar is a store for innovative eco, energy saving, and environmentally friendly products. We have a range of products including eco gadgets, eco gifts, solar ... more »

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    GREEN AWARDS were launched in 2006 to critical acclaim. They set out to recognise outstanding creative work that communicates the importance of CSR, sustainable ... more »

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    Green Directory

    Green Directory is the most comprehensive directory of UK companies who specialise in providing environmentally friendly products and services. So now it’s ... more »

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    Online Publishing and Eco Media Company Online Publishing and Eco Media Company

    aim to examine what is behind the headlines and the labels to bring you the most up-to-date and trustworthy news, Media And Marketing and analysis. This will help ... more »

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    Green Management Consulting

    are a creative and Media and Marketing and management consultancy known for our dedication for bringing high quality cosmetics and Skin Care Products enter into ... more »

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    Eco/Vegan/Environmental Research, Copywriting and Proofreading.

    Green, eco-friendly, vegan web copy, promotional materials, social media marketing, editorial and advertisments. Green and eco market research. Slogans, strap lines ... more »

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    Ethical, Environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products.

    Cruelt- free, ethical and environmentally-friendly product creation and procurement; manufacturer research and negotiation, packaging design and production, labelling, ... more »

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    Environmentally Friendly Reusable Black Jute Bag Environmentally Friendly Reusable Black Jute Bag

    Eco friendly reusable jute shopping bag. Have your logo printed on 1 or both sides of the bag using screen printing or full colour process Only available in black ... more »

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    Eco Friendly Biodegradable USB Memory Stick Eco Friendly Biodegradable USB Memory Stick

    Eco Friendly Biodegradable USB Have your logo/ brand message printed with 1 or 2 colour print by We Are Promotional Products Many sizes available from 1 GB to ... more »

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    Online Eco Book Shop Online Eco Book Shop

    Welcome to OneToRemember. We have an Online Eco Book Shop where we specialise in the sale of Green Media electronic books and e-documents. Our items are focused ... more »

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    Magazine designed for Eco Parenting Magazine designed for Eco Parenting

    We are a group with a passion for raising our children to love, enjoy and respect Mother Nature.  This is not only the UK's top Green Lifestyle and Natural ... more »

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    Vegan Lifestyle Books

    We're an Eco Book Shop with a passion for second hand books of all topics. For us at The Vegan Bookstore, we feature a lot of Vegan cookbooks, we also have many ... more »

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    Kids in the Garden and Kids in the Wild Garden Eco Book

    Kids in the Garden Eco Book is an easy and fun guide for children to use on their own or with adults, and inspires children to learn about healthy eating, gardening, ... more »

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    Marketing and Green Media Expert Marketing and Green Media Expert

    Jo Moulds has been dedicated to eco marketing and PR since 2002.  From three years, she was Marketing & PR Manager of the prestigious British green company, ... more »

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    Sustainable Ecobutton Sustainable Ecobutton

    This illuminated Sustainable Ecobutton is sits on your desktop next to your keyboard. It shows as a strong visual reminder and reminder for you to save electricity ... more »

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    Leading Eco Magazine Leading Eco Magazine

    The Green Shopping group and the Permaculture Magazine have been working together since the early 1990's. We feature books that we find inspirational or useful ... more »

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    Green Gardening Nursery Green Gardening Nursery

    We at Hopes Grove, is a family owned nursery located in the Garden of England.  We began with a small humble beginning and have now bloomed into a respectable Green ... more »

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    Sustainable LILI Community Sustainable LILI Community

    Sustainable LILI Community was founded in 2001 by two members of Redfield Community. The community itself was established in 1978, and in 2001 had solar hot water, ... more »

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    Eco Environmental Jobs Eco Environmental Jobs

    Green Environmental Jobs have been publishing environmental jobs since 1994. They typically cover a large area of environmental jobs in Ecology, Conservation, ... more »

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    Going Organic Vegetables Going Organic Vegetables

    Going Organic Vegetables had very young children at the time they start their business and wanted to keep their business small, they are working full-time and part-time ... more »

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