Worm Companies

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Bucket of Worms

North Devon supplier of worms for fishing and composting. Buy online, directly from the worm farm.... more »

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Worm Composting Bins

Add your organic compostable waste to the worm bin and let the worms turn it into a nutrient rich compost. Commercial and industrial units supplied also. UK only ... more »

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Original Organics Ltd

Wormerys - Junior and Original size - Converting ordinary kitchen food waste into liquid feed and rich organic compost through the natural action of worms. Order ... more »

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Worm Products

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Sustainable Wormery Start-Up Pack

your wormery. Sustainable Wormery Start-Up Pack contains 1.0Kg of Dendrobaena worms, Granular Lime (calcified seaweed), Worm Meal,A bedding block (coir) and Instructions. ... more »

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The Original Wormery The Original Wormery

OriginalOrganics, we've lots of Wormeries and DIY Worm Farms for your Garden. Our bestselling is The Original Wormery. A Wormery is a very effective unit that helps ... more »

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Dendrobaena Worms Dendrobaena Worms

materials to worms after weighing. It comes with a free sturdy bait bucket; this prevents damage and stress to your worm in transit, ensuring that your worms arrive ... more »

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Green up your Gardens with Earthworms

Earthworms (our biggest is the Lumbricus terrestris), lives deep down in the soils. They are great flower gardens and vegetable beds and with a little regular mulching, ... more »

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